In case of death, an immediate and personalized solution

Your pathway to planning

Planning ahead is an act of love. It is a simple process that ensures your family will not be left with unanswered questions and unexpected expenses during a time of great sorrow. Contact us today to start the conversation.

Administrative Procedures at the Municipality and Consulate

The administrative steps are indeed used to inform of the death of a person, so that the concerned organisms can take the necessary measures, our funeral company offers you this service to organize your funeral in advance.

Bathing and Dressing

The bathing of your deceased loved one is carried out by our professional team according to the stated tradition or ritual of your religion.

Putting in the coffin

The placing in the coffin is the operation that the undertakers carry out by placing the body of a deceased person in its coffin, before its closing and then the lifting of the body. This is why Gharbi Funeral Assistance offers this service when there are deaths.


When a foreigner dies in Tunisia, there are procedures to be carried out for the repatriation of the body to the country of origin. Our company accompanies you during this difficult period to facilitate the task and give you access to information and procedures to be carried out for a saving of time and money.

Land and air transportation

Our company has recent vehicles for land transport, they are air-conditioned and comfortable. We strive to keep our fleet in the best conditions. The funeral air transport is one of the specialities of our agency which is located at the freight terminal of Tunis Carthage « TUN ». This is why Gharbi Assistance Funéraire offers you a transport service before the burial.